Matthew Smith, LEED A.P., Partner

Matthew has worked in Architecture and Construction in the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, and New England. He has been involved in all phases and types of construction both as an Architect/Designer as well as a Project/Construction Manager. Matthew received his Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Santa Cruz and his Masters of Architecture at the University of Oregon. Prior to and after his architectural education Matthew was involved in both residential and commercial construction, experience he brings to all of his work.  Matthew is a licensed Architect in Colorado and holds a Class B ICC Construction certificate.


(phone) 970.618.1645


Ryan Doremus, Partner

Ryan Doremus was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado and is the oldest of five brothers.  Ryan studied at the University of Colorado and received a degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture. His career began in San Francisco, where he worked for BCV Architects, specializing in high end residential, large commercial, and urban development projects. His experiences in San Francisco and Aspen have given him the ability to manage and coordinate projects of all types and to work with a wide range of clientele.  Ryan’s passion for the mountains and love for his family brought him back to Aspen in 2012.


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